Architects and Engineers Documentation v1.0.4

Thank you for purchasing our theme.


Thank you for choosing to use DistinctiveThemes. We hope you like your template and this documentation should help you get started and set up with your latest project. Please use this documentation to familiarise yourself with the template and should you find a particular subject is not cover please do get in touch.

This documentation assumes you have at least a basic familiarity of how WordPress works, how to add posts, images etc - if you are a total beginner, I would suggest you visit the awesome WordPress codex which will help bring you up to speed.

1.1Import Demo Data

The easiest way to familiarise your self with the theme and how it works is to take a look at the demo-data provided with your theme.

Our theme includes a wonderful one-click import feature which makes this task super simple. Just head over to the customizer located under Appearance > Customize in your WP Dashboard and you should see our import demo feature on the left.

This process may take up to 30 mins and in some cases, on certain shared hosting accounts it may even fail - if this is happening for you, dont fret!

Simply head over to Tools > Import in your admin area, then simply upload the data manually via the WP importer (the demo data file is included with your themes package folder) - be sure to leave the option 'Import Media Attachments' unticked, as your server probably cant handle it.

2Post Types

Architects and Engineers includes two main custom post types to give you greater control and choice for displaying your content. These two types, Works and Team are aimed towards shoing off your projects (Works) or your staff (Team). They are really easy to use, however we will go into a little detail on how to set them up.


Adding Work Items

Adding a new portfolio item is much like adding a regular wordpress post - just head to the Work post type from within your dashboard to begin.

Once there you will be greeted by a screen almost identical to the WP post editing screen, the major difference here is that you have extra options to set filters and extra images for your projects via the provided meta boxes

Adding Additional Images

Simply hit the Upload button to start adding/uploading additional images for each portfolio item. You can add a total of 20 images per portfolio item. Once you have all of the images uploaded, you can then continue to re-order them into your chosen order by simply dragging and dropping them into place. Easy eh!?


Adding Team Members

Adding a new team member is much like adding a regular wordpress post - just head to the Team post type from within your dashboard to begin. This screen looks a little different to a regular post screen, but the principle is the same. Just enter details in the provided inpur areas to diplay them proudly on your site.

Filling In The Details

You will need to fill in the relevant boxes to display a team members details. From the add new team memeber screen you can enter a name (title), a description for the member, their position, as well as the memebers social profile details. The boxes are all clearly labelled so this should be no problem to work out.

Displaying Team

To display your team members, simply select the TEAM MEMBERS template when creating a page. We will cover this in more detail however.

3Page Templates

This theme includes several pages designed to show off your works, your staff of even provide a sexy page for users to find your contact details. The key thing to remember here is these templates are accessed by the dropdown box pictured above.

3.1Contact Us/Contact Us Full

When creating a contact page, select one of the contact templates and the box pictured above should appear below the WP content editor, you can use this to select your located, which is show on the contact page template.

You can also specify a heading for the contact form, as well as provde a shortcode for your chosen contact form to be displayed neatly withing our page templte.

3.2Team Members /Team Members Full

Select one of the team templates do display a nice page of your team and their profiles. Their image, description and social icons are all shown (if provided)

3.3Works/Works Full

To really make the most of your portfolio of work, select one of the works templates and your items will be showcased in style.

4Theme Options

Since v1.0.4, we have dropped the bulky old options panel in favour or utilizing the power of WPs own customizer. To get started with tweaking the theme to your tastes, head over to Appearance > Customizer to begin.

4.1Site Title and Tag

If you choose to not diplay your own logo image, you can specify a title and tagline here.

4.2Colour Settings

Here you can control 3 key areas of your site, the background, the accent colour used for links, buttons etc and the footer colour. Just use the simple colour pickers to mould the theme to suit you.

4.3Header Icons/Links

Here you can specify a message and url for the telephone, email, address etc icons at the top of the page. To disable them from being shown, simply leave them blank.

4.4Header Image

Use this option to upload your own logo to use with our theme.

4.5Social Profiles

You can show various shocial links in your themes footer, use the boxes here to speciy your profile URLs or leave them blank to disable them entirley.

4.6Background Image

Use this option to upload your own background image - for extra style, be sure to choose Strech To Screen from the options.

4.7Custom CSS

Wanna really take control? Use this box to apply your own CSS goodness to the theme.

5Recommended Plugins

Architects and Engineers provides most things you will need, however there are a few brilliant plugins which will give you further control of work and compliment Architects and Engineers perfectly.

To control the order or grouping of your items, Intuituve Custom Page Order allows full drag and drop control via the dashboard. To control the order in which your filters are displayed, the magnificent Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order will help. In order to ensure you images look great, there is the awesome AJAX Thumnbnail Rebuilder

For contact forms, there is the sublime Contact Form 7 plugin which is by far one of the best WP plugins out there. To take care of your favicons, All in One favicons is the best choice and finally there is Easy Google Fonts which gives you full control of your sites typography.

6Plugin Support

I am always happy to help - so if you have any issues or perhaps even a suggestion for a new feature to include, then head over to our support forum